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Data rulesProgrammatic is buying digital advertising space automatically, with computers using data to decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them.Learn more


Mechanisms of automation and optimization allow a new look at Internet marketing.


Think of media advertising as the long-range artillery of marketing.


Test your ideas and strategies on a small scale before going big.


Get the most accurate view of how your marketing ideas influence audiences to act.

What is Modeling?

Modeling is an analytical approach that uses historic information, such as syndicated point-of-sale data and companies’ internal data, to quantify the sales impact of various marketing activities.

Mathematically, this is done by establishing a simultaneous relation of various marketing activities with the sales, in the form of a linear or a non-linear equation, through the statistical technique of regression. Modeling defines the effectiveness of each of the marketing elements in terms of its contribution to sales-volume, effectiveness (volume generated by each unit of effort), efficiency (sales volume generated divided by cost) and ROI.

These learnings are then adopted to adjust marketing tactics and strategies, optimize the marketing plan and also to forecast sales while simulating various scenarios.

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Programmatic -
future marketing

Programmatic advertising buying is the automated purchase of Internet advertising with the help of software. To make it even clearer – this is the purchase of ads, carried out by robots. This is the main difference from the traditional process of concluding advertising deals, which is reduced to telephone conversations, human communication and manual control over the placement.

Why does everyone talk about programmable advertising? Everything is simple – high efficiency. Prior to the advent of programmatic ad buying, the decisive factor was the human factor. Advertising deals were carried out directly between buyers and sellers, which led to a rise in price of final cost and malfunctions.

Programmable advertising technologies promise to make the publication of ads more efficient, cheap and simple. You no longer have to put up with the fact that advertising specialists go to sick leave, on vacation, are late or are hired to work with a hangover. Robots are always in the ranks.

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